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About Udaan Aviation Academy

Udaan Aviation Academy is a fast growing Aviation Learning Platform. When it comes to Aviation, the current status quo of online courses has only mainstreamed conventional topics in the likes of customer service and terminal operations.


At Udaan, we gauged the substantial gap between industry and the academia. This has led us to go a step ahead and provide a diverse set of expert led certifications on untouched topics like Airline Fleet Planning, Aviation & Environment, Air Cargo Management, Drone Fundamentals and a range of other interesting titles.


If you're new, it's time to begin your first specialization course right away. If you're already one of our #Airworthy students, it's time to expand your horizon and get ready to boast yet another feather in your cap.

We strive to create an #AirworthyYou!

Udaan's Teaching Excellence 

With a pool of some really experienced instructors, the teaching at Udaan has always been an experience worth it. We are aware how someone with an experience of decades may not always be able to convey rightly through their teaching methodology. Hence, we present you some of the most dynamic and skilled subject matter experts. 

Associate Educators

The Udaan Crew

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