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To land your dream aviation job, start with an internship!

A new year, and a new start is all that we expect. But the ongoing public health emergency has challenged it all. Most importantly, budding aviation undergraduates who look forward to a new start in their careers have been hit hard. With minimal opportunities for work, fellow aviation enthusiasts see no light at the end of the tunnel. But, is being ready for a new start all about waiting? No. It is the preparedness to gain exposure in terms of applying learned knowledge to practical scenarios that distinguish the passionate from the mundane. This gap between implementing theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios is well-catered by internships. Therefore, internships are instrumental in bridging the gap between academia and institutions.

An internship is not just a compulsory part of the curriculum, rather it is a key tool in developing and exposing the student to real-world application of knowledge. Internships help students in gaining industry exposure, and further act as a means to introduce them to various aspects of employment while making it easy for them to explore their interests. To reiterate, the idea of an internship is to provide a platform to learn and perform; rather a process of learning while one performs.

Aviation internships are of course not an easy find, finding them is as difficult as doing them due to lack of their availability. Hence, these internships once done create a huge impact on the careers of budding aviation professionals. They give a clear perspective of working in the aviation industry. Aviation being a safety-critical industry, it is highly appreciated that a prospective professional gains real-time exposure through internships before he starts his formal work. It also testifies his/her keenness towards the industry.

Now that we understand the importance of internships in aviation. Let us consider their benefits moving ahead. The three main benefits of being an intern are gaining industry experience, upskilling, and networking. Gaining experience is valuable of them all as a student gets to witness first-hand day-to-day job duties, and further get a chance to apply acquired knowledge in real-time job roles. With this, the student gets an opportunity to know his/her strengths and weaknesses and develops new skill sets, and refines the existing ones. The journey of being an intern is about embracing mistakes and learning from them. It also helps establish connections as the student gets to network with the professionals of the industry. Apart from this, internships assist in creating a pathway for a dream career as well. This, in aviation means to become airworthy.

VISTA, a brainchild of Udaan is a blessing in disguise for numerous aviation aspirants who are starved of opportunities to upskill as per the emerging industry requirements. VISTA stands for Virtual Internship for Student Training in Aviation which offers 100 hours of learning, 8 project-based assignments, and 5 modern-day digital tools to make you airworthy. This internship aims at enhancing the student with technical, non-technical, and soft skills for the wholesome development of an individual to face the aviation industry with excellence. As a result, the student successfully executes a hands-on internship and gains an Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC) and Udaan certification, a Letter of Recommendation (LoR), and placement opportunities for top performers.

With Udaan’s VISTA, your gateway to an airworthy career is now set for a safe flight against all odds.

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