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A Latest Addition to the Sustainable Fuels List and Repatriation Fare Strife at United Airlines

#1 All New Jet Fuel Set to make Aviation Sustainable Than Ever!

The approval for a new fuel product was given by ASTM International, the assuring body for the testing and safety of any new fuel. The fuel is being added to all the present alternatives which now counts to a total of seven.

California based Fulcrum Bioenergy proposed it by evidencing municipal waste being converted to synthetic crude oil defining best out of waste in a true sense! The approval was claimed with a statement that this crude oil can be used with a regular crude oil in any standard petroleum refinery.

Bruno Miller, Managing Director of Fulcrum stated - "Approval of this process is significant to the entire alternative fuel industry." He also appreciated the hands of other entities which made a push for this success. The approval gave a path to boost Fulcrum headed by a setup of a new plant named Sierra Biofuels Plant (Nevada) being the first "waste-to-jet-fuel-plant" in the world.

#2 United Airlines Faces Disputes with Repatriation Fares

United airlines starts flying from Delhi to USA as per the norms of Vande Bharat Mission to repatriate foreign nationals get back to their homeland only to get stuck into a fare price dilemma.

United is to operate the flights between Delhi and Newark on July 10,12 and 15 (2020). At the moment, the fares are slightly above 1 lakh rupees discomforting some passengers and executives from the industry for having to accept the fares stating that charges are still high. However, government mentions charges to be much cheaper than the charter arranged by other airlines and the charges as per the given rules and regulations.

This resulted in the ongoing comparison between United Airlines and Air India. The Ministry of Civil Aviation later responded that it is now looking at the possibility of establishing bilateral arrangements to sort the dispute.

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