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Aviation, Environment & You!

Updated: May 30, 2020

[This article contains promotion of an important certificate training]

Aviation benefits many, gratifies a few and fascinates others. At the same time, it is clear as real that this industry has witnessed much more disapproval than any other. A major portion of this criticism has been coming from the preachers of nature - Environmentalists and rightly so!

The “Noble” Carbon Contribution

Aviation has been a significant contributor to the Global pollution levels. To put in numbers, 2.5% of the world's carbon emissions have their roots in Aviation in some way or the other which by no means stands as a smaller number. Note that this excludes other non-carbon gases and other pollutants including the 140 decibel of jet roars at every take-off. This includes all the scheduled air-services that reunited someone after years of separation, provided med-supplies at the time they were needed, carried some of the most important people overseas. 

Paradoxical Pollution

What’s paradoxical is the fact that aircraft engines over the decades have been over 40% more fuel efficient in general and still cause more pollution than ever. The reason for this might seem like the most obvious thing - The ever increasing global fleet of aircraft. Before the global pandemic grounded the world’s aircraft, the number of commercial jetliners in operation was a massive 25,000 aircraft.

Airports and Airlines

The Aviation fraternity always believes in finding solutions as opposed to picking up never-ending blame games. Airlines choosing the shortest routes to operate with their most fuel efficient equipment (like the A350-XWBs or the upcoming 777Xs) is nothing short of a sustainability effort. When it comes to airports, what could be a better example than the “Cochin International Airport”. This Indian Airport went all-solar and naturally set a benchmark for world’s airports by saving a hefty 1.6 lakh kg worth of carbon emission every single day.

You can be the “Sustainability Angel”!

As a passenger, there’s an illusion of lack of control over the happenings. Some simple changes can trigger a very positive outcome when multiplied.

Here are a few ways your Travel becomes more sustainable than Ever! 1. Choose the Airline you have read striving for sustainability

2. Choose Direct Flights and Avoid connections altogether

3. Go for airlines known to encourage non-plastic cutleries and packages

4. Slip the window shades down at the cruise

5. Pack light to cut unnecessary weights  (Bonus: Less Baggage Handler Neck-breaks!)

6. Know more and more about Sustainability and Aviation 

Dive into Aviation and Sustainability Learning

At Udaan Aviation Academy, we follow and foster Environmental sustainability to its core. It’s your golden chance to take up our one-of-a-kind Training program on Aviation Sustainability. 


Udaan Aviation Academy is set for a Dual Certificate Training starting at 3rd June, 2020 ending through 5th June, 2020 (World Environment Day). Dual Certificates - 1. Aviation and Environment Certification by Udaan Aviation Academy 2. Environmental Learning and Contribution Certificate by TreePassers Eco-solutions With this course you can have a detailed look into the concept of sustainability, learn the Airline & Airport strategies in building a sustainable ecosystem, glance into ICAO, IATA and MoCA Policies to lead for a sustainable future and a lot more with this industry centred program!

Start today on your journey of varied take-aways on Aviation Sustainability HERE!

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The Final Verdict on Aviation Sustainability

The Economy versus Environment war is nowhere close to new. Although convenience and a happy living sounds quite fundamental to human existence, the environment stands as the basis of human existence as a whole. The good news is this golden term called the “Golden Mean” has again come to our rescue. The right balance leads us towards a non-zero sum game where saving the Environment becomes economically rewarding!


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