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Biggest aircraft to go all electric, Spicejet Drone ops and Easyjet Downsized

#1 World's biggest Electric Aircraft flew over Washington for 30 minutes

A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan uniquely fitted with magniX all electric engine took off from Moses lake , Washington on a splendid and radiant day.

Cessna caravan can oblige nine travelers, yet just the aircraft tester flew on to its first flight. MagniX battery fuelled electric motor gives 375 horses and upto 3000 rpm with cruising pace of 114mph (183 kmph) tested on its test flight.

The airplane will have a range upto 100 miles and would be substantially more reasonable to work. Scores of organizations are in the race of assembling electric airplanes, yet a significant forward leap in reducing the heaviness of the battery to be fitted in bigger airplanes despite everything runs. Other force sources including hydrogen energy component and bio fuel are additionally in test.

#2 SpiceJet soon to begin trails using drones in India

In the wake of moving 12,300 tons of payload utilizing 1700 odd flights across the country, Spicejet plans to convey clinical guides and fundamental items to the remotest piece of the nation utilizing DRONES.

India's no 1 Air Cargo administrator gets consent from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to lead trail freight flights utilizing unmanned vehicles.

SpiceXpress submitted recommendations from leading trials Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) for which they are affirmed. This path to be led as a team with Throttle Aerospace, a drone manufacturer; Aeologic a software firm and Involia, a traffic awareness and crash avoidance system provider for air traffic in India.

#3 EasyJet lays off 4500 staffs due to covid

After the fallout from the major cyber attack ,Easyjet announces to lay off 4500 employees and shrink 30 percent of its fleet which the highest rate of cutting off in the British market.

Easyjet CEO Johan Lundgren explained, "level of market prediction are not likely to reach again until 2023" which is surely in the case of long haul flights as well as short hauls in British airspace. After visualizing many uncertainties Easyjet ensures to company to survive and emerge strong.

EasyJet employs more then 15000 employees across 8 countries in the Europe. They expect lessors to acquire aircrafts on sale and lease back bases at 650 million pounds which would be 25% higher then expected in mid April.

The leverage of Market share of short haul flights in Britain would rest with Ryanair and Wizz who said they too would lay off 15% and 19% jobs respectively.

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