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Reload Your Career to Become a Drone Pilot

Nokia’s fatal aversion to upgrade

NOKIA's Accelerated Downfall

“A Person can never be unemployed if he continues upgrading himself.” Let’s understand this thought with the well known story of “Nokia”. In October 1998, Nokia became the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world. The company created the all time bestselling mobile phone Nokia 1100 in 2003. However, the downfall hit NOKIA rather quickly when Apple entered the mainstream mobile phone market. The company was closed by the year 2013 and left a learning for generations. The brand clearly failed to upgrade with the changing market dynamics and also to set the right long term vision. This is no different for an individual. After all, a company like Nokia was made of individuals who couldn’t get it right. Hence, a rule of thumb that needs attention is - if a person does not want to upgrade his skills and feels settled in a comfortable zone; he is one of those making their own future difficult.

Why is there an expected boom for drone pilots by 2022?

Embraer's Futuristic Air Taxi

The drone pilot boom stems from their scalability visualized by emerging startups and the government’s vision to deploy them at the forefront for oodles of applications. Many startups want to tread the path of Uber and Lyft. The Aquiline Drones founder- Barry Alexander, envisions thousands of airline pilots turning into certified drone operators. The government initiatives like SWAMITA have also stepped up to create a community of drone mappers throughout rural India. A global survey expects India to create upto two lakh skilled drone pilot positions by the end of 2027. Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA of India) has come up with a range of regulatory frameworks to ease the safe use of UAV technology.

What existing jobs shall get replaced by drone pilots? 

Illustrating Drop Shipping by Drones
In fact any job that relies heavily on human vision and judgement is under a potential encroachment. This includes drop shipping tools, vantage point photography, security jobs and much more. Physical mapping and wildlife conservation also will likely have to confront the possibility of drones in the near future.

Where do drone pilots take the charge?

The Future of Cinematography with Tesla

Drop-shipping - Amazon and a few other e-commerce platforms accept that the drone services will make a drastic change in their business structure. 

A Film Project - Imagine a small drone being just as effective as a huge crane. Who wouldn’t want to utilize this amazing cost saver for a movie’s action sequence! Drones are set to save bucks as well as time.

News & Media - Every news coverage ends with some typical lines similar to - “Reporter Anjana with Cameraman Rajesh from Prime Time Daily.” However, this statement is soon going to omit Cameraman Rajesh in the advent of hovering drone cameras.

Security Companies - Drones will allow security companies to improvise their monitoring services. This will help them reach corners that otherwise don’t meet the human eye. 

Agricultural Utility - Drones spraying fertilizers over large farms are no longer limited to the western countries. In India, drone pilots are to form a major workforce in the agricultural sector. It won’t be an exaggeration to picturize a modern day farmer flying a remote controlled drone instead of a heavy spray bottle.

A study goes further to claim that drones could replace human labour worth upto thousand crores rupees in the coming times. However, feeling insecure is not the key. Instead, it's time to become the man (or the woman) behind the remote controls. After all, taking the right set of decisions at the right point of time matters.

An advice by the AviatorAdvice Team

At AviatorAdvice, we believe that career selection is one of the most important milestones of your life. We would never recommend having only a single type of skill at hand. To make your life easier, having a future oriented set of skills is the way to go. If you agree with us and have a passion to fly, drones are the way to go! As a step one to get your wings, it’s a great idea to start from the drawing board. Udaan Aviation Academy offers a 3 day certification program on “Fundamentals of Drone Operations”. A course that features 3 experts with access to professional connections and free resources. Get in touch for your first step!

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