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Skies Free from Lockdown but stuck into Uncertainity

Updated: May 25, 2020

#1 Cancelled Flights and the Airport Hustle

It's just the Day 1 as the air travel resumes and over 80 flights on Day 1 from Delhi Airport cancelled last minute.

AAI officials said following states denied acceptance of flights to the Passengers.

Angry passengers on termial 3 of delhi international airport claimed that there was no last minute notification from the Airlines.

Meanwhile 125 flights will be operated from Delhi airport .

Mumbai airport will handle 25 landings and 25 takeoff on day 1, as per last minute decision from the state.

Several fligts were cancelled .

Tamil nadu govt denied flight to and fro from chennai to Mumbai and Ahmedabad , previously flights were scheduled and tickets were booked which were cancelled last minutes.

Northeast passenger still remail stuck because of inoperative Kolkata airport till 28th may as per state govt.

#2 Airports Go Contactless

As domestic flights resumes , Pune bound flight to Delhi at 4.45 am on 25th may 2020 was the first flight to fly passengers within borders.

Mumbai , delhi , banglore resume operations under guidance from MoCA 1ith proper sanitizing procedures. They were the first to operate contact less boarding procedures.

Passengers used Web check in and self baggage procedures and Facilities.

As per some pax , airports and airlines showed sign of precautions, what they were promised before booking.

4 passengers travelling from Chennai to Delhi were denied boarding as they showed sign and symptoms of Covid.

Aircrafts were disinfected with minimal of touchpoints on travelling.

Various states issued guidelines for pax incoming from several states

Karnataka issues a notice sayimg passengers coming from 6 HIGH RISK PREVALENCE STATES will go under 7 days institutional QUARANTINE.


Andhra Pradesh , announced a home QUARANTINE for incoming passengers after resuming operations from 26th of May.

Chattisgarh announced 14 days Institutional quarantine for arriving passengers in the state.

Meghalaya will keep passengers for 48hrs of institutional qarantine and will test them for covid before sending them home.

Punjab CM Capt Amrinder Singh said a compulsory 14 days home QUARANTINE for inbound air/rail/road passengers

Assam made it mandatory for 14 days to quarantine for train/air passengers entering into Assam

J and K issued notice of 14 days institutional quarantine and a test . Negative passengers will go home after 14 days , positive ones will be sent to hospitals.

Goa , all passenges entering the state to go under screening . Those who show symptoms will be quarantined.

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