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Top 5 Creative Airline Branding Campaigns that Won Hearts

Airlines seem to be some of the merriest companies to get a job in for many of us. After all, who wants to miss the biannual free flights, greeting celebs at the airport, smiling throughout the day… Let’s burst this bubble right here! Although there are perks of such a job but the never-ending hours of work, some of the exemplarily stringent norms and Nickels and Dimes paid at the end of all the hassle outweigh the benefits to the new-comers in the company. This might give an impression that all these airlines are having some of the meanest CEOs chairing the office. This is a misconception. Truth lies in the fact that Airlines reap some of the record low profit margins than possibly any other bigger businesses functioning on the planet. 

However, lower profits do not mean less number of people travelling. The need for people to connect to the parts of the world will continue to grow and surpassing the competition is the way to get this volume of passengers flying your airline. Carving your airline’s signature in the customer’s mind requires a lot of reach and a really innovative brains at the back-end!

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Creative Branding Ideas used by Airlines:

#1 Rebranding the Livery - WestJet

WestJet, the Canadian LCC is known for its focus on customer delight above everything. It got famous for one more thing apart from the WestJet Christmas Miracle - The Ever-so-Colourful Disney Frozen themed Livery.  Cool looking liveries attract the kiddiewinks through television and media advertisements while parents have to empty their pockets for the joyride. According to WestJet “the aircraft has decals and headrest covers that mimic the cold-to-warm (back-to-front) theme on the outside of the aircraft.” Quite a treat not just for the kids. 

#2 The Hilarious Air-Sickness Bag - WOW Air

WOW Air, the Icelandic carrier came up with this very interesting Air-Sickness bag. The idea was to create an element of humour to ease the air-sick passengers. The Vomit Meter was designed such a way that it brought fun with self depreciating at the beginning while ending on a rather harsh note against the competitors creating a subconscious impression of sky-high ticket prices of the competitor. 

#3 XDubai #HelloJetman - Emirates Airlines

Imagine peeking out of your flight at a height and finding something so human-like flying a few meters away from your A380. X Dubai in co-operation with Emirates Airlines shot this campaign where a Jet man with a Jet-suit co-flew the giant aircraft. The two flying pieces leaving the trail behind are the Jet Men on duty to amaze the world under the title #HelloJetman.

#4 From Freezing Cold to Nice and Sunny for 68 Euro - Norwegian Airlines

It’s globalization in the literal sense. If the winter in Norway is not your type, get ready with your shorts. Norwegian is set to carry you to a tolerable destination. The advertisement captures customer’s eye with the very essence of air-travel. In short, fly to a place that makes sense to you but choose Norvegian as we helped you realize the fact that you could!

#5 The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made - Air NZ

Air New Zealand came up with this epic flight safety video. A video that was epic in its true sense. They could do it by adding a load of special effect to imitate scenes from Lord of the Rings. For those who are unaware, Lord of the Rings is a film series of three epic fantasy adventure films directed by Peter Jackson. The passengers who would otherwise ignore the safety briefing couldn’t forget this special treat even after the flight ended. Airlines will always be looking for someone who could get them hit the right spot of the customer and make him or her fly with them. If you think you’re someone who could help bring airlines a branded fortune, join our Online Training on Airline Marketing Fundamentals to get a deeper and a conceptual insight from the world of Airline Marketing. You could possibly be the next one to come up with Airline Marketing ideas similar to or even better than those we discussed above! 

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